State of Utah Fights High Drug Prices With Results

The savings are anywhere between 38% to 75% well may save the state millions each year……..

The State of Utah fights high drug prices with results

Published on November 7, 2018

Armando Polanco

President / CEO at Apollo Vanguard

A recent article posted on The Salt Lake Tribune addresses a remedy which The State of Utah has implemented to greatly reduce the high cost of brand name specialty prescription drugs. The idea is to allow anyone of the 160,000 public employees and family members to travel to San Diego then be driven 20 minutes via concierge transportation to a medical facility in Tijuana for a quick medical consultation. A mexican prescription is written to match a U.S. prescription then the medication is dispensed on site.

What are the savings? Anywhere between 38% to 75% compared to U.S. prices and this could very well save the state millions each year. One example cited was an MS drug, Avonex, which the state pays $6,700 for a 28 day supply. In Mexico the state will pay $2,200 recognizing an immediate savings of $54,000 per year. For the member all expenses such as travel and lodging will be paid and they will receive $500 for their effort. Also, no co-pay and deductibles will apply.

U.S. Customs allows any individual to carry any prescription with 90 days of supply for personal use. Special lanes have been set up to allow medical or pharmco travel back to the U.S. with good results.

The brand name specialty prescriptions have been verified by two U.S. Doctors of Pharmacy to be the same drug from the same manufacturer so anyone traveling to Mexico for these prescriptions can feel comfortable knowing there’s absolutely no difference.

Anyone wanting to know more about the program should contact  or call (833) 793-7847.