Hospital Solution To Patient Debt

Secure Patient Revenue

Secure 100% of known and unknown patient responsibility at Time Of Service.

Enroll Patients in Dynamically Adjusting AutoPay plans that:

  • Adjust to the exact amount owed
  • Are effective in all departments including the ED
  • Secure 100% of patients future liability
  • Provide affordable monthly payment choices
  • Are completed in 5-7 minutes
Minimize Patient Leakage

Minimize Patient Leakage

VestaPay reduces patient leakage with multiple strategies:

  • Advanced bi-directional Appointment Reminders
  • Rapid alerts to enable quick response to “at-risk” patients
  • Tools to enable patients to afford their care and continue treatment
  • Secure Payor and Patient Revenue
Build a Reputation for Affordable Healthcare

Build a Reputation for Affordable Healthcare

“Surprise” bills steer patients away from hospitals. VestaPay reverses that trend with:

  • Highly accurate yet simple estimating
  • AutoPay plans that build confidence in the hospital’s billing accuracy
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Personalized Patient Communications