Snowden Reveals Source – Amazing Data Base For Insurance Agents


By Molly Mulebriar

Ed Snowden came by the house last night in a surprise visit. I am happy to report that this American patriot is still at it. He is disguised as a community organizer and blends in well, particularly in Austin. While reminiscing about our stint together in Hawaii last year, Ed said “I’ve got a good source for you, it’s free and it’s legal!”

“Government 5500 filings”, he whispered, “belong in the public domain and is readily available by going to . Prospecting for insurance clients has never been easier. From the confines of your home, while sipping on a Margarita or Bloody Mary (depending on time of day), one can peruse through the site and retrieve valuable intelligence on targeted prospects!”

Take for instance South Texas Blood & Tissue, a 632 life case in San Antonio, Texas. We checked  www.freeerisa.comm  this morning to look up February 1 renewals in the San Antonio area. The 5500 filing was for 2012.

According to FreeErisa, South Texas Blood & Tissue has a February 1 anniversary date. Their medical plan is administered by Aetna. As “contract administrator”, the report shows Aetna’s fees to be $183,599. The Broker of Record is Gallagher Benefit Services whose commissions/fees are stated in the filing, including  commissions of $6,904 for “new business bonus.” South Texas Blood & Tissue also uses Provident Life, Colonial, 1st Colony Life and Metropolitan Life Insurance Company for various insurance cover (supplemental benefits, long term disability, life insurance) through multiple agents/brokers.

The agent listing for Colonial is interesting. There are 28 agents receiving commissions on this group through Colonial.

So there you have it. This could be a good prospect and the timing is just right. (Don’t tell anyone please, the less competition the better).