Snowden Releases Explosive Email – Jeopardizes American Business Practices

Ed Snowden releases a new cache of emails purloined while working for the CIA. One explosive email exposes a sinister conspiracy to upend American commerce.

“I am releasing this email because the American people, especially businessmen and women need to know it’s OK to be different. American status quo business practices must change back to liberating spontaneity and freedom from daily bondage dictated by others.” said Snowden.

Here is the email:

TO JOHN & MARY FROM BILL: Charles wants to know if we will accept their offer. Let’s talk tomorrow.

JOHN: Sounds good. I have quite a bit of flexibility after 11:30 AM Central but am unavailable before then.

BILL: Great John. Call me when you can and we will try to bring Mary in on the conversation.

MARY: I can be on the call. Let me know the time.

BILL: The time is when you’re phone rings. Like in the old days when life was simple and not pre-planned with expectations of building your entire day around other people’s schedules. It’s called freedom from Zoom Call Bondage.

The American Chamber of Commerce has issued a press release stating in part “Snowden has jeopardized American business practices and needs to be brought to account.”

The Biden Administration, through the little French White House press spokeswomen, issued a statement offering to trade Donald J. Trump and his millions of MAGA supporters for Snowden in a prisoner exchange. “He (Snowden) must be punished for tortious interference in American business practices!” she stated.