Small Texas School District Solves Health Care

What a turnaround story…This is the poorest and one of the smallest school districts of over 1200 in Texas…………….

Posted on LinkedIn April 30, 2023 by Ron Barshop

By adopting #directprimarycare and other direct agreements a third of their employees went from uninsured to fully. They are saving money from the days they were in the state provided plan. Outcomes are on the upswing. Docs and nurses are happier. Yep. Everyone is winning.

H/t to Benjamin Clinton, EdD it’s Asst. Superintendent and Stetson Roane, his boss. William Rusteberg for his wisdom and experience. 130 districts are following their lead.

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It amazes me more school districts don’t adopt these strategies which have been proven, over and over again, resulting in lower insurance costs and better benefits. The only thing these strategies don’t offer is a recognizable logo. I looked at a district 45 minutes away from this one last week. They use a recognizable logo. Their Base Plan is a high deductible plan costing almost $700 per month for single coverage. The Raymondville plan costs $350 and has removed all financial barriers to health care. If the plan with the logo would get rid of the it and do things the right way they could cut their costs in half, eliminate all deductibles and co-insurance in partnership with local health care providers and give all their employees a pay raise. But they will continue to cling to a logo because everyone else is……………