Self Funded Plan Charged $150,000 for Outpatient Surgical Procedure

“We are not going to pay this outrageous medical bill……………take us to court!

An outpatient surgical procedure at a physician owned ASC (ambulatory surgical center) was received last week by one of our clients. The 45 minute procedure produced a facility charge of  over $99,000. The surgeon’s fee was  over $44,000 and the ancillary lab charges were an additional $7,000. Total billed charges for this common procedure was about $150,000.

Our auditing firm reduced the claim to less than $2,000.

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. We see claims like this on a regular basis. Our client will not pay the claim and challenges the provider to take it to court. The publicity will help “educate” the public about the high cost of health care in this country.