Schuessler’s Solution To Solve Health Care Actually Works!

One critical Benchmark for a healthplan is Medical Expense Per Employee Per Year (PEPY). Our #FairCostHealthPlan is $4,428 PEPY while the national average is $12,125 (Truven Medstat) – 64% below the nat’l average.

If you are an employer and don’t know this figure, then this is like driving a car with no speedometer or fuel gauge. To learn how we increase EBITDA & SAVE employers $150,000 per 100 employees ($1,500 PEPY), & shine the light on healthcare costs and quality to promote transparency in healthcare & continuing our constant innovation with outside the box ideas to educate on healthcare consumerism, healthcare price-transparency & population health management, contact us.

Carl Schuessler, Jr., DHP, DIA, GBDS

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