Schuessler To Speak at The Texas Public Policy Foundation

Carl Schuessler is set to speak at the upcoming Texas Public Policy Foundation event in January, 2020 in Austin, Texas. The panel discussion is on “The Way Out of America’s Broken Health Insurance System.” Knowing Carl as we do, his message may be “Grow Cojones For (a) Change.

By Carl Schuessler

Very honored yesterday as I was invited to speak at The Texas Public Policy Foundation host its 18th Annual Policy Orientation for the Texas Legislature in January 2020 in Austin, Texas on Panel Session – “Controlling Your Care: The Way Out of America’s Broken Health Insurance System” – 

Policy Orientation is the premier gathering for all Americans interested in the future of the Lone Star State-and the country. At Policy Orientation, we have the conversations that matter to Texans and Americans from all walks of life.

Join us as our scholars, experts, and distinguished guests explore in depth the forces shaping our world-how they affect us, and how we may influence them.

Come to Policy Orientation and prepare to be informed, illuminated, and inspired. In this season of change and challenge, the stakes are simply too high to be uninvolved.

Policy Orientation has grown each year since the Foundation first hosted the event in 2003.  Since then, the Texas Public Policy Foundation has welcomed more than 85 percent of legislative offices to the three-day forum, and event registration has grown to exceed 1,000 people from in and around the capitol. Legislators and their staff turn to Texas Public Policy Foundation to find fact-based, unbiased research and educational opportunities to better enable them to lead our state.

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