Schuessler Stirs Up Florida!

Psst…GodFather, Carl’s At It Again!

We just received word that Florida Schuessler Stick (The Schuessler Stick™) sales have recently spiked straining manufacturing capacity at plants world wide. So staff set out to find out why. The following is their report…………….


We were tasked with investigating the recent surge of The Schuessler Stick sales in Florida. Our findings will not surprise management as we initially suspected your product namesake was the driving force as he continues his never ending rampage with a “burning torch in one hand and the Health Rosetta in the other.” Our suspicion proved out.

Our research indicates sales surged shortly after the Florida Rural Health Association (FRHA) invited Mitigate Partners to participate in their August 14th FRHA Summer Educational Series alongside the Florida Public Health Association with Florida Rural Health Association (FRHA) Summer Educational Series.

As you know Mitigate Partner’s founder is Carl Schuessler.

The highlight of the meeting was DeSoto Memorial Hospital’s case study illustrating how a small rural Florida hospital with 157 employees saved $1.2 Million, 54%, in their healthcare spend & improved clinical outcomes in one year.

A replay of the meeting can be seen by clicking here: //>.

Under Carl’s direction the DeSoto Memorial Hospital (DMH) (located in Arcadia, FL) implemented an aggressive cost containment / risk mitigation program utilizing Mitigate Partners’ FairCo$t Health Plans, resulting in best-in-class benefits at substantially lower costs, all while improving clinical and financial outcomes for the health plan and plan members.

During Carl’s presentation status quo brokers, consultants and hospital administrators state wide were seen roving the parking lot targeting vehicles with Georgia license plates.

Carl passionately lead the discussion while wearing his signature pink sports jacket. Displaying his usual confidence, and armed with the knowledge suspected parking lot activity would not produce intended results, Carl had the audience spell bound as usual with his thunderous tales of slaying lurking, fire-breathing-health-care dragoons at every twist and turn with his two bare hands.

Following the meeting sources say Carl was asked by a representative of Patient Rights Advocate (PRA ( permission to film Desoto’s success story to which he promptly replied “Do bears live in the woods?

PRA has been creating videos to showcase how real price transparency and direct contracting are lowering costs for innovative employers and has shared these videos with Health and Human Services (HHS) Leadership and the White House Administration in their continuing efforts to highlight successful price transparency models in action.

The publicity surrounding this event is a godsend for Schuessler Stick sales. We haven’t seen sales spike like this since Carl gave a podcast while freezing his ass off in a Georgia deer blind (Schuessler Takes Aim At Rural Health Care )

We recommend Schuessler Stick management employ some or all of the following DeSoto Memorial videos in a new turbo-charged advertising campaign in time for the Christmas season. We expect retail pricing increases are warranted due to nation wide demand.


A sampling of DeSoto Memorial Videos include:

  1. DeSoto Memorial Hospital:
  2. Employee Testimonial – DeSoto Memorial Hospital – Hannah’s Story 1 min 30 sec:
  3. Employee Testimonial – Memorial Hospital – Hannah’s Story 30 Sec:  //

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