School Is In Session This Friday – Make Sure You Don’t Miss It!

School is in session this Friday: Forward-looking #school leaders will join me in sharing the “secrets” to achieving world class healthcare while balancing their budget. Is your school district getting a passing grade on its #healthplan?

Dave Chase, Health Rosetta-discovering archaeologist• Transforming employee health plans from being 🇺🇸 ‘s #1 inflation, debt, poverty & bankruptcy driver to well-being driver

Over a decade ago, Bill Gates gave a TED talk about how state budgets decimated by #healthcare industry waste (it’s now over $1 trillion) were breaking schools as well as the social determinants of health. With health care costs stealing from student programs, teacher salaries, and quality of school systems, it has become the most critical line item in the budget for our kids’ and nation’s future. Fortunately, there is a solution, and it can be replicated in your locale. 

I invite you to join school district leaders who have followed the #HealthRosetta blueprint to achieve the Quadruple Aim (better health outcomes, lower costs and better patient & clinician experience) and no longer needlessly squander money on healthcare. Register here: