School District Becomes The First State Approved Vaccine Provider

Stetson Roane is an exceptional leader who doesn’t understand the concept of “It Can’t Be Done.”

For Example:

Stetson wanted better healthcare benefits for his employees. When he learned his district was prohibited by statute from offering a competitive alternative to TRS ActiveCare that didn’t stop him.

“No” is not in his vocabulary.

So he found a way to do just that – he implemented a competitive commercial health plan alternative for his employees many of whom were formerly uninsured. (Texas School District Challenges TRS ActiveCare Plan Mandates)

To Stetson, there is no such thing as an unsolved problem.

And now this:

Raymondville Independent School District becomes first state approved vaccine provider.

Editor’s Note: There are too many in our industry quick to say “No, it won’t work”, or “No, we can’t do that.”

Back in 2007 when we broached the idea of leaving the managed care world and embark on a Reference Based Pricing model, the TPA account rep. was adamant – “Bill, it won’t work! It will be catastrophic! Employees will be refused care because hospitals and doctors won’t accept the insurance!” 

Most TPAs are clones of Dr. No………Thankfully there are a few Stetson Roane clones out there.