San Benito ISD To Award TPA Services……………..Again.


San Benito ISD will meet on Tuesday to award the district’s third party administration for the employee health plan. The new “managed care” plan is to take effect October 1. According to news reports, the new plan will cost less with improved benefits, an astounding achievement. ( )

This is the second time this year that the district has solicited proposals for third party administrator. Assured Benefits was awarded the contract in the first round to administer the district’s new “managed care” miracle plan to be implemented in October. The district kept Blue Cross too, giving the district two administrators to administer two plans.

Now the district is going to award TPA services again. Insiders predict that Assured will get the nod to administer the entire district health plan thereby cancelling or non-renewing the Blue Cross contract upon their October renewal.  The vote will be 4 to 3.

Many changes have occurred at the San Benito school district in the past year. Bob Trevino, well known insurance broker  in South Texas ,who was the Agent of Record for the district  for many years was fired and replaced with Salazar Insurance Group. Salazar Insurance Group gained the district’s lucrative group medical plan and all voluntary employee benefit products through the district’s cafeteria plan.

Recently the district’s long tenured superintendent was put to pasture by a split vote and an interim superintendent placed.

The district’s clinic controversy over unpaid IRS taxes may prompt the board of trustees to fire the clinic’s current administrator and to begin a search for a new administer.

School personnel have been moved from one position to another, creating angst among a few board members.

The district’s insurance consultant, according to rumors, enjoys nails and gasoline for breakfast, wears state-of-the-art body armor and has Bruno start his car every morning.