San Benito ISD Insurance Controversy Continues

Monday, the San Benito CISD Board Trustees voted to approve a proposal on the district’s stop loss insurance with an added provision to speak to ING Employee Benefits and to discuss removing Bob Treviño Insurance as the stop loss agent.

The original proposal was to move the insurance filing from the agent to the school itself, thus saving the district, according to Board Secretary June Aguilera, a total of $104,000 a year.

“I do not understand why we have an agent with a 10 percent commission when we can do it ourselves,” Aguilera said during the meeting. “It makes no sense.”

The decision came after heated debate from Board Member Oscar Medrano, who asked about the liabilities caused by the proposed removal of the agents.

Editor’s Note: Stop loss commissions are 15% with another commission on top of that for marketing expenses. Stop loss is not subject to MLR rules under ObamaCare. The Brownsville Independent School District fired their stop loss broker last year to save hundreds of dollars in stop loss insurance commissions. Brownsville ISD also uses ING as their stop loss carrier. For more information on the San Benito ISD insurance fiasco, type in San Benito ISD in the search box on this site.