San Benito ISD: Direct Contracts or PPO Rental Network under Private Label?

Is the San Benito Independent School District really seeking direct contracts with medical providers or simply accessing an existing PPO rental network on a private label basis? For clues, watch the last 15 minutes of this insurance workshop video:

We have recieved quite a few emails on the posting immediately preceding this one, from all parts of the country. San Benito ISD has sparked a lot of interest in the brokerage/consulting community – a fascinating case study.

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From an actuary firm:

Bill, I watched the entire video. My God! Did you get the part about the TPA not charging anything until they get a claim? They are working off a percentage of savings! Who is their actuary?

From a reinsurance broker:

The first 58 minutes is more entertaining than the last 15 minutes. Consultant lacks polish. Board lacks brains.  We wouldnt put up with either up here.