Sales – The Engine That Drives Economics

mulebriarBy Molly Mulebriar

Sales is a profession. It entails a multitude of disciplines. Coping with continuous rejection and fear ensures the profession a steady procession of former salesmen. Those who overcome these weaknesses thrive. They are among the top earners in the country.

A successful salesman knows how to handle rejection. He has no fear of cold-calling. He is an expert observer and critical thinker. His powers of deduction are keen. He understands the importance of body language. He is patient and self-motivated. He listens. He has empathy. He is a problem solver.

When I asked a seasoned salesman in San Antonio to what he could contribute as to the basis of his success, he said “Molly, there are four principles, that if applied consistently, will lead anyone¬†towards a successful sales career.”

1. Establish your right to be there

2. Establish the need common to most

3. Establish specific needs

4. Offer a solution