Risk Transfer Strategy Overlooked By Most Plan Sponsors

Why Pay For Health Insurance For Those That Don’t Need It?

“40 percent of the US does not pay one nickel in income taxes and 62 percent of the US earns less than $50,000.00 ( AGI). 100mm individuals qualify either in part or whole for financial assistance. It is all you need to know.” – Doug Aldeen, ERISA Attorney

“This seems like a huge opportunity for companies that employee lower paid workers to save a hell of a lot of money on their healthcare plans, and it seems like it would be in there fiduciary interest, or even a fiduciary duty, to make sure they’re not paying for care they don’t have to pay for. So this seems pretty important. I don’t really understand why nobody’s doing it. Like I really really really don’t understand it.” – Owen Muir, M.D.