Employer to Employer Risk Transfer

Plan eliminates specialty drugs. The employer down the street doesn’t. Joe Sixpack needs a $500,000 specialty drug.

SOLUTION: Joe goes to work for the employer down the street. The new employer doesn’t have a clue they’ve picked up a $500,000 liability.

This happens all the time. There are insurers of last resort in every community.

TRS ActiveCare, a major insurer of last resort in communities across Texas, has become a magnet for high risk individuals.

FOR EXAMPLE (A TRUE STORY) – With the help of a school board member a local self-employed and uninsured mechanic lands a job in the district’s bus barn so that his daughter who was recently diagnosed with leukemia can get the treatment she needs through the district’s health insurance plan.

EmployerRe offers a zero dollar specific, 100% coverage, unlimited lifetime maximum and never, ever lasers.

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