Resistance To Change Frustrates Health Care Disruptor

Thanks, but no thanks. We don’t believe you and we don’t want to save money and improve benefits at the same time. The fear of pissing off employees far outweighs our bottom line. Plus, we have less employees than we could have by redirecting health care dollars to grow our business. And, we pay our employees less because as the cost of health care increases the less they receive in wage increases. It’s a system we are used to after 40 years of managed care. So, go away please…………

By David Williams

The biggest and most amazing takeaway I’ve had in the 9 months I’ve been a part of this “movement” to re-imagine delivery of healthcare is people’s unwillingness to take action. And not just action to actually implement new things but the inaction to being open to just discussing and looking at new things.

The amount of money that is pouring out of a company in regards to healthcare spend is amazing, but when you then approach them about discussing how to save that money, be a strong fiduciary of their plan and remove financial stresses of their employees and you immediately get shut down with the, “Thanks, but we are not interested at this time” line, It moves from amazing to staggering.

As Theodore Roosevelt said, “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty…”

David WilliamsVice President of Sales & Business Development at The Zero Card2d   Edited