Removing Waste, Gimmicks, Cost Shifting & Tricks From Healthcare

By Jeff Bernhard, President of Continental Benefits

When I see the below chart, it reminds me how much Employers need real solutions to get the wasted spend out of the system. 

When I see the info in the chart on the right it reminds me of an Employer with an eroding margin.  It also reminds me of the union member that doesn’t get a pay increase because unpredictable healthcare costs have eaten up the budget. 

Lastly, it reminds me of the school that needs to lay off 100 teachers because of the wasted, unnecessary spend in the system. 

It has been this way for the past 20 years and has gotten worse each year. 

I am so glad to bring a real solution, with reputable partners (TBA), in 2018 to the self-funded Employer market that helps self-funded Plan Sponsors get rid of this waste with no gimmicks, cost shifting or tricks.  This solution will work on a “A” carrier PPO network. 

We will be working with a select/small group of  large Employer consultants that work with Employers with 1,000 or more Employees across the US.  If you are interested in working with Continental Benefits, and have larger self-funded Employers that want to keep their PPO and also reduce spend by 15-20% in year one, let me know.   Again, no time for BS or gimmicks