Reinsurance To The Rescue!

You never know who is behind the insurance curtain. You may think you have insurance with ABC Insurance Company,  but they may only be the “fronting” company retaining only a small portion of the risk. You might be insured with 20 or 30 carriers through a reinsurance treaty, each sharing in the risk on a prorata basis. 

SOURCE: Kaiser News

The $380 million plan is funded through a tax on insurance companies. “By addressing this crisis head-on, we have gone from an individual market on the brink of collapse to two straight years of lower premiums for Marylanders,” Gov. Larry Hogan said in a statement. Other insurance and health care industry news focuses on Medicare Advantage plans, dialysis centers, and hospital lawsuits.

Maryland’s Reinsurance Plan Pays Off For Residents Who Will See Cheaper Insurance For Second Year In Row