Texas School Districts Struggle To Maintain Affordable Health Care

Region One 2023 School Finance & Operations Conference

Texas school districts are struggling to maintain affordable health care for their employees and their family members. Many districts are considering alternatives to TRS ActiveCare. Some have succeeded, while others have failed.

This session will walk the audience through the American health care maze, uncovering secrets the health care delivery system has kept hidden for years, with actionable intelligence enabling school districts to better determine best in class solutions to their individual health care needs.

Region One 2023 School Finance & Operations Conference: New Trends in Health Care Finance Among

The Region One Education Service Center is part of a state-wide system of 20 regional education service centers created in 1965 by the 59th Texas Legislature to assist school districts across the state. Originally slated to work with school districts as a media center, the role of the education service center has expanded to work alongside school districts to carry out the three main objectives as stipulated in the TEC §8.002: to assist school districts in improving student performance in each region of the system; enable school districts to operate more efficiently and economically; and implement initiatives assigned by the legislature or commissioner. Located in South Texas on the United States/Mexico border, Region One ESC serves 38 school districts and 10 charter school systems in the eight county areas of Brooks County, Cameron County, Hidalgo County, Jim Hogg County, Starr County, Webb County, Willacy County, and Zapata County.