Reference Based Pricing

In this video, Dr. Eric Bricker Explains Reference-Based Pricing.

Reference Based Pricing strategies go by different names but the essential ingredient is the same: paying providers less for health care.

Cost Plus Insurance, Reference Based Pricing, Cap Cost Insurance, Value Based Pricing, True Cost Insurance, Metric Based Pricing are a few of the names given this growing phenomenon. A few BUCA representatives have been known to call it “Cost Plus A Lawsuit” and other names not suitable here as they struggle to compete against the Reference Based Pricing blitzkreig.

It’s much about branding as Reference Based Pricing grows market share with more vendors entering this increasingly competitive market. Creating a better product at more competitive pricing is characteristic of traditional American business practices but historically has been absent in health care. (SeeĀ Xerox, Eastman Kodak And Cost Plus Insurance).

Until now.