RBRVS PPO Network Announces 2012 Sales Projections – Private Sector Targeted

RBRVS, the nation’s largest PPO network, announced today in a televised press conference that sales projections for 2012 will surpass 2011 sales by 100%. 

“We expect rapid growth in the first quarter of 2012, followed by significant increase in market share in the private sector in the second and third quarters” announced Molly Mulebriar, CEO of Blithering Strategies (BS) of Dime Box, Texas.

RBRVS is a national network of hospitals and doctors and other health care providers. To date, the largest payer of the RBRVS network is the Federal Government through their Medicare program. Recent polling data indicates that other payers are forecast  to endorse the network in large numbers in 2012.

Molly (Bull Dog)  Mulebriar, well known  insurance industry critic and rabid health care advocate,  expanded her comments after the press conference.   “We at BS are excited about the RBRVS PPO network. Payers will save money. Practically every doctor and hospital in the country is on the system. And more importantly, it is unlike any other PPO network in the country – It is transparent. It is proven. It offers  a win win situation for consumers.”

“We believe in transparency. We publish our fee schedule. Anyone can access our fee schedule at www.trailblazerhealth.com – no other PPO in the country shares this information with the public. They keep their fees secret. That is wrong, and the root problem with health care costs in this country!” noted Mulebriar in an emotional exchange with ABC news reporterette and former Blue Cross representative,  Sandy Ostrich.

When asked what she message she would  to send to employers who sponsor group health insurance plans, Mulebriar responded “if you want transparency,  and willing to take your head out of the sand, Sandy, the RBRVS network should be the network of choice without question.”

For more information on the RBRVS PPO network, write RiskManager@sbcglobal.net

From a Mid West Insurance Consultant:

ooh baby…I’m all in on this one. where do I buy stock? Obama HQ?