Radion Health

A 400 life case can be underwritten without claims experience or individual health questions?  That’s interesting………….Is experience rating becoming a thing of the past?

Free your groups from high cost fully-funded health insurance.

Radion Health offers competitively priced, high-quality level-funded health insurance for employer groups with 10 to 400 enrolled employees.

Radion Health provides competitively priced, high-quality level-funded health insurance to employer groups with as few as 10 employees. Our member-centered plan designs offer members access to rich benefits and PPO networks. Radion Health is the exclusive medical stop loss underwriter for Great American (AM Best A+XV).

Coverage offered in 49 states; no coverage in WA.1

How does Radion Health underwrite groups?

Radion Health uses algorithms to determine the acceptability and pricing of a group based upon the specific individual members of the group. No health questionnaires or claims history are needed. Only a member level census including home address (preferred) or home zip code is required.

Radion Health