Public Education and Public Health Care – Any Similarities?

Public education in the United States is a “mandatory” entitlement funded through taxation. So too will be health care in this country

Will there be any similarities between these two entitlements? We think so.

Although we all pay for pubic education through taxes, some of us have sent our children to private schools at an addtional expense.

Health care will be no different.  As taxpayers we will be legislated to pay the costs of a public health care scheme, yet some taxpayers will pay additional monies for “private care.”

Private care will be based on the premise that providers and patients can conduct commerce with each other without government intervention of any kind.  The goal of private health care is to provide timely access to quality care at a reasonable price.  A pre-paid cash system would be one means to finance the scheme.

As private schools excell in quality education and better than average outcomes, so too will private health care plans.

More to follow as this concept develops.