Proposed Legislation Says DPC Doctors Are Not Insurance Companies

“Daddy, who do you think you are, a doctor or an insurance company? Since insurance companies have always paid you and not your patients, doesn’t that mean you’re an agent of the insurance company?”

“Not any more son. Screw insurance companies! I work for my patients now” Dr. Doogood chortles.

Sec. 117.003 [162.253].  DIRECT PATIENT [PRIMARY] CARE NOT
 INSURANCE . (a) A physician or health care practitioner providing
 direct patient [primary] care is not an insurer or health
 maintenance organization, and the physician or practitioner is not
 subject to regulation by the Texas Department of Insurance for the
 direct patient [primary] care.
        (b)  A direct patient care [medical service] agreement is not
 health or accident insurance or coverage under Title 8, Insurance
 Code, and is not subject to regulation by the Texas Department of
 Insurance .
        (c)  A physician or health care practitioner is not required
 to obtain a certificate of authority under the Insurance Code to
 market, sell, or offer a direct patient care [medical service]
 agreement or provide direct patient [primary] care.

88(R) HB 593 – Introduced version – Bill Text (