Professor Aldine Updates SAT Test

Professor Doug Aldine updates SAT test question/s for wannabe college students hell bent on achieving little by way of a college degree…………….

Sample SAT Question: Banner Health, which sits on $4.5 billion in cash reserves and whose CEO earned $35.8mm for FY 2017 and FY 2018, recently submitted an application to FEMA for “disaster relief funds for COVID related expenses” in the amount of $1 billion, is analogous to:

a) John Gotti collecting “vig” from the local septuagenarian bingo parlor;

b) Wall Street collecting $25 transaction fees from ex-cons $500.00 debit card upon release from prison (true story);

c) CIGNA network providers collecting more than their billed charges consistent with their network access agreement;

d) Texas gas station owners collecting $10.00 per gallon of gas from residents fleeing a hurricane;

e) All of the above

Article Reffered By Doug Aldeen via Linkedin