Professional Governmental Underwriters LLC

Professional Governmental Underwriters, Inc. is a full-service risk management company dedicated to assisting public, educational and non-profit entities in the management of their professional liability exposures.  Current operations are dedicated to underwriting and marketing Public Officials Liability, Law Enforcement Liability and Educators Liability insurance.

We are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art professional underwriting management and loss control advisory services on behalf of our designated carriers. We operate through a network of professional producers who seek specialized services for their public, educational and non-profit entity clients.


Today‚Äôs schools are faced with an increasing number of lawsuits based on issues such as dress codes, sexual discrimination, etc. A broad spectrum of insurance coverage is essential to defend the educational entity.MORE …


This protection is needed by any municipal governmental entity including, but not limited to, cities, towns, townships, boroughs, villages, authorities, special service districts and commissions.MORE …


The balance of rights between the lawbreaker and the law has changed. Courts have made it easier for criminals and suspects to bring suits against law enforcement and criminal justice personnel.MORE …


The intention is to provide your clients with a product that provides unique, primary coverage for an active shooter event and a partner to help an education