Prescription Drug Costs Plague Plan Sponsors

zombie What! A $10 co-pay!

“Why are patients paying more for health care?  It’s the drug prices…….increasing 13% last year alone…”

ObamaCare Solution: Bronze Plan $6000 deductible with no first dollar coverage. Rx covered after satisfaction of deductible, and is a reimbursement benefit to the insured (insured pays for Rx with cash, then files claim like in the old days…..)  A patient who must pay cash up front before reimbursement will be a better consumer with skin in the game instead of an entitlement zombie who could care less about what costs are other than that egregious $10 co-pay.

Posted on February 13, 2015 by Clare Krusing

While everyone is focused on how to make health care more affordable for patients, the latest report from Altarum is case in point that drugmakers are missing the mark. In just over a year, prescription drug spending has outpaced spending in every health care sector. Why are patients paying more for health care? Exhibit A: It’s the drug prices, which jumped more than 6 percent in the last year. Read more from the Altarum reporthere.



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