Preparing for 2014 – Information Overload

By Molly Mulebriar

Taking advantage of Information Overload is one heck of a way to prove value to clients in a competitive world.

Plan Sponsors, concerned about the effects of ObamaCare, are desperate for guidance. A growing addiction for information driven by fear of punishing government sanctions, provides the perfect storm for aggressive marketers who fuel the addiction.

But Information Overload works against these aggressive marketers. Seminars, webinars, emails, meetings, articles, lawyers, accountants, brokers, carrier reps., consultants and other sources provide a never ending stream of confusing information every day. Stunned and overwhelmed, informational addiction causes plan sponsors to become indecisive, a common sign of overdose. Suicide seems attractive.,  an information overload de-programmer firm  licensed in all fifty states and 231 countries, has developed an intervention strategy that involves a two-path approach for hopelessly addicted victims of Information Overload. ObamaCare’s +2,700 pages plus +34,000 pages of HHS regs are reduced to 9 easily understood pages custom made for each plan sponsor and addresses: What are my options, how much will each cost, and how do I implement them?

Making complex issues simple is not hard to do.

Editor’s Note: Molly Mulebriar is a free lance reporter in Buffalo Breath, Montana –  ( )