PPO Sales Rep. Verifies PPO Kick Back Scheme

 Molly Mulebriar, Private Investigator

Many who read this blog have read several postings regarding hidden revenue streams within some PPO contracts. The question many self-funded group health plans should ask is: Are all the purported PPO discounts passed on to the consumer?  The answer, many have found, is probably no.

A land mark lawsuit – Oakland County vs BCBS – may be an example that illustrates this phenomenon.

Molly Mulebriar, seasoned private investigator and roving reporterette, provided us a peek at the PPO underworld through an email she received in an unmarked brown paper envelope yesterday – PPO Rebates.

Editor’s Note: We have noted that the Brownsville Independent School District VS HealthSmart lawsuit is going to be something to watch for those of us in the insurance industry. Through the discovery phase valuable information will be exposed to the public, if participating attorneys know what questions to ask.