PPACA Made Simple – Fueling China’s Economy?


By Molly Mulebriar

The Affordable Care Act is not confusing. Evil and greedy employers  with 100 employees or more face three basic options:

►Offer no health plan and pay $166 punishment tax per employee per month and be done screwing with insurance and government dictates

►Offer a qualified, affordable health plan and pay +$350 per employee per month (National average is +$500 per month per employee)  and continue to face government harassment and oversight

►Offer a Minimum Essential Coverage plan and pay $250 per month (in addition to the cost of the plan) for each employee  who seeks coverage through the Public Exchange and receives a subsidy and deal with employees who think they have real insurance until they have a major claim through their ultra-limited Minimum Essential Coverage Plan

With minimum wage requirements, multiple government surcharges, punitive regulations and now government mandated health care in lieu of further punishment, a move offshore looks attractive to many these days.