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Deerwalk  Integrates Provider Quality Ratings to Support Strategic Healthcare Planning

MyHealthGuide Source: Deerwalk, Inc., 3/7/2019

BOSTON — Deerwalk, Inc., an innovative population health management, data management, and healthcare analytics software company has partnered with Quantros to integrate CareChex®, an innovative medical quality rating system designed to assist providers and purchasers in evaluating the quality of inpatient care. Quality information is essential for proactive management of the health of a population—stakeholders can use it to guide decisions around new payment and delivery models, plan performance and tiering, network management, provider reimbursement, risk management, and contract negotiation.

From within Plan Analytics, Deerwalk’s interoperable healthcare reporting and analytics application, stakeholders can now access a Provider Quality Rating module which allows them to:

  • Search, filter, and view overall quality scores along with ratings across six distinct quality categories (patient satisfaction, patient safety, inpatient quality, mortality rates, complication rates, and readmission rates) and more than 30 clinical categories.
  • Drill down from hospitals directly to physicians associated with those hospitals or view a list of hospitals associated with a specific physician.
  • Distinguish high-value providers from low performers for inpatient care in a specific market, region, or treatment area.
In addition to providing a better understanding of the outcomes of where members receive care, access to provider quality information within Plan Analytics creates new opportunities to harness the power of data. Quality data can be combined with Deerwalk’s Medicare Reference Pricing
to identify the highest-quality, lowest-cost providers. When used in conjunction with Predictive Modeling, it can also aid in managing cohorts of high-risk members by ensuring they are being treated by top providers.Deerwalk Chief Growth Officer Tim Huke elaborated on some of the other benefits: “Access to quality information can be used to refine referral patterns from direct primary care and onsite clinics to the highest-quality, most appropriate providers and facilities, improving both care outcomes and member satisfaction. It also helps lay a foundation for direct contract negotiation with top providers as part of bundled payment or network optimization strategies, such as narrow network creation. Overall, this integration empowers healthcare leaders to make data-supported decisions that achieve savings and help ensure members receive quality care.”“Quantros is thrilled to partner with Deerwalk to supply providers and purchasers of healthcare with industry leading objective and comprehensive data on clinical quality, cost of care and service utilization. As value-based care continues to move to the forefront in healthcare, accurate and specific performance data is essential to ensure that organizations are able to direct care to the highest-quality, most cost-efficient providers,” said Quantros’ Senior Vice President of Product, Lindsey Klein.

Note: CareChex is sourced from publicly-available CMS Medicare data.

About Deerwalk, Inc.

Deerwalk is an innovative population health management, data management, and healthcare analytics software company based in Lexington, Massachusetts. Founded in 2010, Deerwalk is privately held with over 300 employees worldwide, including a technology campus in Kathmandu, Nepal. We partner with industry leaders responsible for making decisions for the health of a population to optimize costs and improve the quality of care. Deerwalk offers a complete population health management suite built on a foundation of data integrity that delivers reliable data insights and actionable intelligence. Contact Tim Huke at (949) 233-4908thuke@deerwalk.com and visit www.deerwalk.com.
About Quantros
Quantros is a leading provider of software-based solutions and services to healthcare. Our cloud-based tools and resources provide hospitals, health systems, as well as purchasers of health care with better data and better insights to enable better healthcare. Quantros offers a robust portfolio of solutions that can be fully integrated and custom-configured to help healthcare organizations efficiently capture information and insights for assessing and improving the quality and safety of  patient care. Today, more than 800 hospital and health system clients use Quantros solutions to drive the insights and expertise they need to deliver safer, higher quality, cost-efficient patient care. Contact Amanda Wratchford, Director, Marketing, at (864) 626-5287awratchford@quantros.com and visit www.quantros.com.