Plantiffs Claim Hidden Fees in Car Purchases

This is an excerpt that appeared in today’s issue of the Brownsville Herald:

A lawsuit has been filed against Cardenas Motors Inc., a Rio Grande Valley auto dealer, seeking to collect damages because of “misleading or deceptive acts or practices,” court documents say.

The lawsuit was filed Wednesday by The Zavaletta Law Firm, which is representing eight individuals who bought nine used automobiles from the Cardenas location in Brownsville and claim they where charged an unknown fee for services they didn’t receive.

The case was filed in Brownsville’s Cameron County Court-at-Law No. 3, with Judge Menton Murray Jr. presiding.

The fee in question is listed in the motor vehicles buyer’s order as “VIN REG” and it ranges from $392.18 to $798.18, said attorney Peter Zavaletta.

Editor’s Note: This is exactly what is happening in the group health insurance business, in our opinion. Hidden fees, or fees disclosed that offer nothing in return. Consumers should be incensed.