Plan Sponsors Demand Answers

ObamaCare is constitutional. That decision is final. No matter what happens in the November elections, ObamaCare is here to stay. It will not be repealed, entitlements are immune. That is reality, it is what it is.

In the meantime, employers who sponsor employee welfare programs have two questions:

  1. How much will PPACA impact our bottom line in 2014?
  2. What can we do to mitigate the financial and administrative impact of PPACA?

We were asked these two basic questions last week from one of our clients. We responded with a well thought out and researched answer, an impressive five page memorandum even a college professor, we suspect, would approve as “brilliant.”

A new, intense and demanding service to provide plan sponsors with expert guidance through ObamaLand’s health care landscape is upon us. Insurance consultants have only 17 months to figure out all the angles.

Editor’s Note: There are big consulting fees to be earned under ObamaCare. Praise The Lord!