Picking Horses – Broker’s Broker Publishes Tip Sheet

Health insurance brokerage can be lucrative especially if one picks the right horse. For example, several years ago one of the highest earning horses of that year’s Brokerage Derby Bonus Race was BCBS (BCBS To Pay $50,000 Broker Sales Incentive Each Fully Insured Group Sold).

Now we find a California brokerage has published their Brokerage Derby Bonus Race-Horse-Tip-Sheet for their producing agents.

ABOUT THE LIST BROKER: (From List Broker’s website)

LISI (www.lisibroker.com) is a dynamic sales organization committed to profitable domination in our markets.

Our strength lies in the value we place on relationships, allowing us to be advocates for the brokerage community. We aim to be the premier General Agency, where extensive training, knowledge, integrity and quality allow us to be innovative leaders.

Recognizing that our employees are our competitive advantage, LISI is dedicated to creating a culture where our employees can grow professionally and maintain a balanced and positive lifestyle.