Pet Health Insurance – Is It Safe From Government Interference?

 Bruno, 1924-1938

Pet health insurance, thus far, has escaped the scrutiny of Washington’s Communist Cadres. There is no Pet Health Insurance Czar yet, not even a hint that one will be appointed anytime soon. So, what’s up with that?

Any history buff will tell you that the first pet insurance policy was written for a dog in Sweden in 1924. His name was Bruno. And in 1947 the first pet health policy was written in Britain with sales taking off rapidly. Today the UK has the most mature pet insurance market in the world, with over 18% of pets insured. Yet Jolly Old England has not extended their government safety net to man’s best friend. This is an obamanation indeed. Are not all of England’s four legged creatures entitled to health care?

And what about the USA? The first pet insurance policy sold in this country was to cover TV’s heroic dog Lassie. The underwriter, of course, was Lloyds of London of Great Britain. Today, pet health insurance in the United States is becoming popular with dog and cat lovers of all socio-economic levels.

Pet health insurance is a bargain these days. Premiums as low as $10 per month. And, you can take your animal to any licensed vet – PPO’s have not entered the scene yet. Group policies are available too. But, many Americans simply cannot afford coverage even at these rates. Yet, all American pets are entitled to health care, are they not?  We need and must demand that the federal government at least mandate better benefits, or implement a national pet health insurance plan at best. Animals have rights too!

And what about food insurance? When are we going to get that? We are all entitled to food, aren’t we?

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