“The Dallas ISD Insurance Scandal” Starring The Cookie Jar Bandit

This is old news but relevant in today’s age of cell phones and instant messaging………

“Carver Dan Peavy (Peavy) was elected a trustee for the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) in 1986, so serving until 1995.   By the early 1990s, he controlled purchases of insurance for DISD employees.   He was a friend and business associate of Eugene Oliver, an insurance agent who had been convicted as an accomplice to murder” (PEAVY v. WFAA TV INC ).

“Harman heard Peavy tell an unidentified party “how much money [he] was making off the insurance policies at DISD.” Harman thought this conversation was significant since Peavy was a trustee of the Dallas Independent School District.”

“The facts are relatively simple and straightforward. Succinctly stated, plaintiffs got caught with their hands in the “cookie jar” and are upset that the media exposed their misdeeds. However, this case also presents a unique opportunity to further define the parameters of the federal wiretap statute.”

“Riggs learned that Peavy had been appointed by the president of the school board to solicit new bids on group term life and disability insurance for DISD employees. Peavy designated Eugene Oliver as the exclusive insurance agent to obtain these bids. The contracts were ultimately awarded to two companies represented by Oliver. Thereafter, Oliver split his commissions with Peavy and several others. Riggs also uncovered a similar arrangement between Peavy and Oliver involving a cancer insurance policy that Oliver was negotiating with Mary Kay Cosmetics.”

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