PEBA Announces Medical Tourism Network

                       The Public Employee Benefits Alliance (PEBA) representing many Texas political subdivisions, advises members that medical care costs are significantly less expensive through participating providers located in Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, India and other countries. Need a hip replacement? Go to CIMI Hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica – JCI accredited hospital, English speaking staff, U.S. trained doctors only 2.5 hours by air from Houston.


The Public Employee Benefits Alliance (PEBA) Board awarded the International Provider Network proposal to Satori World Medical.

The Satori network can be easily added to any employee benefit plan, with savings of between 40‐80% off specialized surgical procedures such as orthopedic, cardiac, bariatric, spinal and many others (over 70 surgical procedures available).

International Network Alliance Alert 2011-2012

Editor’s Note: We toured CIMI hospital in San Jose last year and we were impressed with the facility and the physicians practicing there. The hospital is located on the outskirts of town. You would think you were in the United States. A vast modern mall nearby, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, Staples, Home Depot, Hyatt Hotel. We asked for prices – operating room, for one hour, about $500 – includes nursing staff. We spoke with many of the patients in the waiting room there – 80% were from the United States. A soccer play from Chicago needing knee surgery (Cost in Chicago about $40,000, in CIMI about $12,000), a fat lady from San Francisco needing stomach bypass (about $1,500). We visited with the insurance department – “Yes, we file claims for Blue Cross, and just about any other insurance you may have and we verify coverage electronically in minutes!” said the office manager. Costa Rica is one of our favorite destinations – friendly people, good weather and low prices.