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Transform your practice with OneTest™ for Cancer. The affordable multiple cancer screening test that makes early detection accessible to your patients. Offer this cutting-edge technology and attract more patients, enhance their experience and boost revenue

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I was not aware that this test was ready for prime time, although I knew it was in the works.  I also don’t know how accurate it is – sensitivity and specificity numbers, and what cancers it tests for and how accurate it is for each.

The knock on these tests is that they have a lot of false positives that result is additional testing that turns out to be expensive, invasive and mostly unnecessary.  However, the studies that likely support the validity of this test are population studies, and I’ve always said that I’m not a population; I’m an individual.  If I can find a test that gives me a better chance of survival if a disease process is discovered early, then I’m all for it.

As a consumer, I hope it works out and becomes the greatest test since bread and butter.

PS.  If I were still in business would not a blood draw center for this test.  It opens up a whole host of questions that usually come our way (for which we are pretty much not prepared to answer) and potential liability – all for a very small blood draw fee.  The juice isn’t worth the squeeze.