Oh Boy, Now What Do We Do Now?


It’s now or never and it’s only you………………………..

Texas school districts enrolled in the state’s government health plan for public school districts have until December 2021 to decide whether they want to leave or stay. Their decision must be made nine months in advance. Whether they elect to exit or stay they are bound by their decision for five years.

SEE /legiscan.com/TX/bill/SB1444/2021

However those electing to leave won’t know what their alternatives will be until sometime after their decision is made as commercial health insurance companies will not commit to a firm offer that far in advance.

That could be good news or bad news, depending upon your perspective.

From our perspective the good news is school districts must make a decision one way or the other, separating the boys from the girls.

Those electing to leave, while not knowing what they’re getting nine months later, are great prospects because they’re committed. And they are no worse off than any other plan sponsor who share the same uncertainty nine months out from every renewal, every year.

The fear of a district ending up with having no coverage, or coverage prohibitively costly, is unfounded because times are different then 20 years ago when TRS ActiveCare was established.

Districts wishing to exit TRS ActiveCare have four options.  For the first time in twenty years, TRS ActiveCare member districts will have more than just one health insurance option. Having options is always a good thing.