ObamaCare Individual Health Insurance Rates – It’s All About Perception


Remember when “queer” really  mean’t “gay” although we didn’t know it at the time?

By William Rusteberg

Are your auto insurance rates based on your income? How about your homeowners insurance?

ObamaCare individual Health Insurance rates charged to consumers are based on income, so why isn’t all other insurance pricing based on income too? It’s called “fairness” by some.

Lenin, Castro, and Mao are applauding. So are American Democrats. Marx is celebrating  too.

Republicans will come around, they just take longer to get there. They were against Medicare in 1966. Now they are for it. Same will hold true for ObamaCare. Republicans don’t hold true to principles, they hold true to pragmatism.

What happened to insurance underwriting? Isn’t underwriting fair? Those with low risk pay less, while those with higher risk pay more.

Underwriting is now based on income, not risk. Instead of asking health questions in the application process to determine risk to be assumed, insurers ask about income. Are you rich, or are you poor? If your poor, the rich will pay their fair share of your costs and your premium will be less than it should be. If your rich, by golly, you are gonna pay your fair share too, and your premium is going to be more than it should be.

For example, a rich 60 year old women, with no previous health history, who exercises regularly, does not smoke or drink, pays $500 per month for a $6,000 deductible Bronze Plan while  a  poor 42 year old man, with chronic health conditions and past health history of numerous health care encounters running into the thousands of dollars a year receives a better health care plan for $240 per month.

The average man in the street doesn’t give a damn about the true cost of insurance. He only cares about what insurance costs him, whether it’s fair or not, a perception that crosses party lines. He thinks subsidies is an insurance term.

Instead, “Subsidies” is a cleverly  coined term replacing “welfare”, a four letter word among those holding  traditional American values of hard work, equal opportunity and reward.

Remember when “queer” really  mean’t “gay” although we didn’t know it at the time? We believed well contented people were generally gay (happy).  In those days the majority of Americans were content. Now, by definition,  only 2% are.

Words can make a difference in perception and acceptance, leading  at times to universal acknowledgement hammered upon us by vested interests. Seasoned politicians are good with words. The rest of us are sheep.

Can you imagine the reaction if Col. Tibbits had named his airship the Enola Queer? The crew may have mutinied and the bomb never dropped. Col. Tibbits was a man ahead of his time.

ObamaCare is nothing more than a massive re-distribution of wealth cloaked in politically correct words – Lipstick on a Pig.

Will auto insurance be next? That may be another political ploy to win elections in the future. After all, everyone drives these days, including gay (happy) drunks.