ObamaCare – Does Money Grow On Trees in Arkansas?


Obama National Forest in Figmentville, Arkansas

Individuals: Subsidies for buying health insurance for individuals will be available for those making between $14,000 and $43,000 (rounded). For two parents and two kids, the relevant household income must be between $30,000 and $88,000.  If nearly $90,000 seems like a rather hefty income to merit federal subsidy (free stuff from big government), this eye-opening sum will grow even more shocking as it rises with inflation.

Medicaid: As of 2014 all state Medicaid programs will be required to cover most people who earn up to 133% of the federal poverty level. Individuals who earn less than $14,000 will qualify, and a family earning $29,000 or less would get free health care too. It is estimated Texas Medicaid roles will increase 73%

A total of 84,000,000 Americans are expected to be enrolled in Free Health Care, i.e, Medicaid by 2014. 

Employers: As of 2014, employers with fifty or more full time employees will face the possibility of a  punishment fine if they dont provide health insurance. Moreover, if their employees enroll on their own in a qualified insurance plan and are eligible for a subsidy (See Individuals Above), then the employer if fined $167 per employee per month for each employee. Bizarrely, it does not matter how many employees receive federal assistance, the punishment is applied against the employer for every full time employee after the first thirty; so an employer of fifty (50) employees could be hit with a $40,000 punishment tax

Companies with more than fifty employees who do offer health insurance can still be punished if one or more of their employees chooses to enroll in a federally subsidized plan (See Individuals Above). Punishment tax can be as high as $250 per month for each employee receiving a federal premium credit. If an employer wants to hire a $24,000 receptionist, for example, the health insurance policy now makes the receptionist 63% more expensive.

Editor’s Note: Source – “The Truth About ObamaCare”, Sally C. Pipes.