North Korea Unveils New Wellness Program

The 단고기료리전문식당 is part of leader Kim’s efforts to improve people’s diets………………

North Korea’s dogged approach to wellness catches the attention of HR managers across the United States. Man’s best friend spawns a new approach to employer based wellness programs.

“Eat dogs instead of enchiladas” barks the HR lady. “You’ll feel better and live longer!”

The North Korean Wellness Program is a state supported endeavor to make North Koreans a healthier and more productive population.

North Koreans refer to dog meat by the euphemism “sweet meat (단고기)” and the government considers dog meat soup a “national dish” and “intangible cultural heritage.” Pyongyang is already home to a number of other large dog meat restaurants, and such restaurants also exist across the country.

As part of an on-going campaign to promote wellness, “Authorities frequently put on special dog meat cooking contests featuring dishes that incorporate all parts of the animal, and state media features these competitions as primetime headline news.”

In other news it’s been reported North Korean dogs have made a daring escape seeking asylum in neighboring countries: