No Benefit Waiting Periods for All Americans!

Most group health insurance plans have a 30, 60, or 90 waiting period before coverage starts. We know of one that has an even longer waiting period…………..

By Molly Mulebriar

It’s absolutely outrageous hard working Americans have to wait for their health insurance to kick in. It’s even more outrageous they have to pay for it while waiting for it.

Imagine if your’e 18 years old, just graduated from high school and you just got your first job. Obviously you’re not a snowflake. Those sheltered quivering human beings never leave home until they reach the magic age of 26. But I digress……….

You meet with HR for orientation. “Welcome aboard Sarah, you’re gonna like our benefit package. We offer group health insurance along and government health insurance. So you really have access to two health plans! One’s for now and the other is for later.”

“Your waiting period for our group health plan is 90 days while your waiting period for the government health plan is 47 years. We’ll start payroll deducting the cost of your government insurance plan right now. It’s pre-paid you know.”

Sarah is confused. “Whada you mean 47 years! I’ll be 65 by then! That’s outrageous. And why should I pay for insurance if I can’t use it for 47 years? And what if I die in a car accident and never reach the end of my waiting period? What kind of health plan is this!”

Sarah is not happy.

“I know Sarah, but things will change sooner than later. We are only one election away from abolishing all waiting periods. Take for example Bernie Bongo. He and his party may win the next election and if they do, guess what, no more waiting periods!”.

No Waiting Period for All Americans!” Bongo Bernie shouts loud and often. “It’s time we do away with waiting periods, period!