New Wellness Program

Picture credit to Marshall Allen

New wellness program takes plan sponsors by storm, saving millions in insurance premiums.

Employers adopting high deductible plans along with out-of-reach co-insurance limits have killed two birds with one stone. The long elusive goal of lower insurance premiums and a healthier workforce has finally been achieved.

“We value our employees” barked Hermann Bruno, CFO of Widget Industries. “We researched bankruptcy statistics and were amazed to learn health care bankruptcy was a leading motivator towards healthier lifestyles.”

“Our cutting edge wellness program puts less food on the table” growled Susie Grabowski, HR Director. “Less food means less calories, slimmer waistlines, while freeing up more take home pay!”

“Without our BUCA’s help in failing to control health care costs we could not have achieved such spectacular results” howled Jerry Rodriguez, President of Widget Industries. “We must give credit to our insurance broker who took the lead on this by bringing us the crappiest health plan he could find.”

Health Rosetta, Mitigate Partners and other leading health care disruptors are stunned. “This goes against our business model!” said an unnamed source. “We must fight this tooth and nail. The battle may have been won by legacy status-quo health insurance brokers but the war isn’t over! We will carry the fight forward.”