New “Real”Health Plan for The Young & Healthy – Only $62.50 / Month


Coming soon – a new health plan designed for the young and healthy, generally for those age 35 and younger. Pay only $62.50 per month, or $750 per year to the United States Government – should you subsequently become ill, or need major surgery, you will automatically have the right to apply and be accepted for real health insurance that will cover all pre-existing conditions immediately. After recovering  from your illness and/or surgery, you may drop your real health insurance policy and continue to pay only $62.50 per month until you need real health insurance again!  Pay for real health insurance only when you need it! What a novel idea! Why didnt we think of this before?

Editor’s Note: The communists in Washington know exactly what they are doing with health care reform. They are just about as dumb as a fox – health care reform as now envisioned is doomed to failure and they know it – nothing in the bill addresses health care costs, nothing at all. In fact, components of the health care bill are intended to drive costs up to new highs, and fast. We expect group health insurance costs to increase dramatically in 2010. With the resultant “failure” of private insurers to reign in health care costs, the communists will use that failure as an excuse to create a single payer system. The communists have set the stage for failure – a clever strategy it seems.

We would not be surprised at all if some major health insurance companies exit the business in favor of more lucrative and less government controlled insurance markets.

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