New MEWA in Texas Announced

Last month, we received our license to sell Association Health Plans (AHPs) to medical groups in Texas through the Oklahoma State Medical Association (OSMA). They have a proven track record of providing significant savings to their members and offer a broad range of health plans.

All of the plan options in Texas will utilize a combination of a Physician PPO network and Reference Based Pricing. We are excited to give our clients new and cost-effective options that have not been previously available, such as no cost surgery and lab work at select facilities.

To learn more about the Oklahoma State Medical Association, click on the button below or email And for those of you who don’t live in Texas, stay tuned. We want to expand Association Health Plans to more states and more industries!


Bill Brooks

Senior Vice President, Sales

EDITOR’S NOTE: We are familiar with the Oklahoma State Medical Association program and it’s administrator / risk manager. This MEWA has had a successful track record and is well managed. Insurance agents who place business with a MEWA should check to see if their E&O covers the sale and placement of MEWA’s. Almost all E&O policies exclude MEWA’s. Prospective clients should ask too.