New Employee Benefit – Ancillary Afterlife

Statistics show that about 80% of Americans believe in heaven. A clear majority, to be certain, but reason enough to provide a benefit allowing employees to connect to the afterlife?

One man is hoping it is. Robert Fahey, PhD., a self-proclaimed psychic spirit medium and clairvoyant, has been carving out a business niche for himself by working with employers to help workers reach out to deceased loved ones.

Not sure what you’d call this: Ancillary afterlife? Heaven benefits?

Whatever term you prefer, Fahey is building a decent client roster for himself, saying that intuitive knowing for workers about their future life translates into higher profits.

“Once a worker experiences the paranormal prescription of a spiritual message from the beyond or by way of an afterlife encounter, it delivers a boost in job competency skills, work interest, motivation, and kindness for the making of better communications and relationships,” Fahey says.

All things employers are after — particularly in today’s low engagement environment.

However, Fahey’s results don’t come cheap: According to his website, a one-time event costs $1,250 for a group of 2-10 participants, with an additional $125 per person charge for groups of 11 or more.