Need Surgery? Go On-Line and Book It

Imagine if you need some sort of surgical procedure like a knee replacement. Simply go on-line and book it. Your employer has arranged to pay the providers you select  prior to services rendered, including all or a part of your share of the cost. It’s that easy.

There are numerous companies in the business of facilitating these services including Best In Class, a Chicago company.

“Best in Class Care was born of the idea that everyone has a right to great healthcare. That health plans and employers shouldn’t be restricted by region in helping people get the care they need. And that where you live or what you earn shouldn’t limit the quality of care you get. Best in Class Care is a health platform built with one goal in mind: to make world-class healthcare affordable and available for all.”

Chicago, IL, June 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Best in Class Care (BICC) has expanded its digital platform to include a simple to use direct contracting and bundled pricing capability with health providers, a move the Chicago firm says could reduce Employer healthcare spending by as much as 50%.

The Best in Class Care platform is a cloud-based marketplace that allows Employers the opportunity to address increasing costs and the massive variability of procedure pricing across their network. Now, Employers can access a curated network of local, regional and global Providers and negotiate a fair price based on their respective needs, while also empowering many to act as consumers.

“From marketplaces like Amazon to Alibaba to many others, consumers already have the expectation that they can make decisions based on price and quality or other factors of importance. Healthcare is the only remaining industry where the opacity still exists. That is now changing, especially driven by the consumer’s desire for price transparency in the industry,” says company CEO, Jeff Bohnson.

Bohnson has accelerated the Best in Class Care platform to take direct aim at the real health challenges that threaten US businesses such as utilization and unit cost of procedures. “While offering a Hub solution to create an all-in-one benefits depot, we are most excited about our Network and Experience solutions. We are designing truly unwired networks with transparent pricing while incorporating digital tools like tele-consult and care concierge services to delight our customers.”

The company is also experiencing growth in one of the more exciting segments of healthcare, Direct Primary Care (DPC), who are actively rethinking the primary care delivery model. Already, Best in Class Care is providing its referral network for procedures that lie outside the scope of primary care. Bohnson explains, “By allowing the 6,000 DPC’s nationwide to serve as the frontline of our platform, we are now able to deliver a complete care continuum solution. For example, when the DPC physician is recommending a surgical procedure, they can identify the Best in Class Care surgeon and know the cost before the patient leaves their exam room.” He concludes, “The ability to reduce cost, deliver quality care, and provide an exceptional patient experience is long overdue in our complicated healthcare delivery model. I’m pleased to say that Best in Class Care is taking meaningful action and demonstrating attributable results.”
About Best in Class CareBest in Class Care, Inc. is a leading digital health marketplace that allows for direct contracting and dynamic pricing between risk-bearing entities and its network of local, regional and global providers. Offering Hub, Network, and Experience solutions, Best in Class Care has become the trusted partner of pioneering organizations determined to implement the required actions needed to make world-class healthcare affordable and available for all consumers. For additional information about Best in Class Care, visit or email

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